Effect of Intensity on Perovskite Solar Cells Parameters by SCAPS-1D Simulation


  • Deepika
  • Upkar Kumar Verma
  • Arjun Singh




Perovskite solar cell,SCAPS-1D, Fill factor, efficiency, short circuit current.


In recent years, climate mitigation and limited fossil fuel resources have increased the necessity for electricity,
especially from renewable sources. Therefore, the sun is an abundant renewable energy source. The solar cell is
one of the better choices for future clean energy. Due to low prices and high efficiency, the perovskite solar cell
has emerged lately as a solar cell technology compared to other solar cells. The performance of solar cells varies
according to weather conditions such as humidity, temperature, and sunlight intensity. This work studied the
illumination impact on the perovskite solar cell.The perovskite solar cells having n-i-p device structure i.e, FTO/
SnO2/FA0.85Cs0.15Pb(I0.85 Br0.15)3/BiI3/CuI/Au was used. The illumination depended on solar cell parameters
such as Voc, Jsc, and FF was reported. It has been observed that light intensity affects the device’s performance
significantly. Hence, this study can have a way for an optimal design of effective performance and economical
solar cells.

Author Biographies

  • Deepika

    Research Scholar, Department of Applied Sciences, The Northcap University, Gurugram, India

  • Upkar Kumar Verma

    Assistant Professor,Department of Physics, B S N V PG College, Lucknow, India

  • Arjun Singh

    Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Sciences, TheNorthcap University, Gurugram, India