Proposed Model for cognizance of NLP and NLU towards Enhancement in Sports


  • Durgansh Sharma
  • Vaibhava Sharma



NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), Sports


The sportsman is an amalgamation of a sound mind in cognizance with a healthy body. In the Indian context,
most of the sports people are from rural areas with non-english speaking backgrounds. Thus, they face trouble
in executing the strategic moves and commands given by the coaches in various sports facilities. In this
research paper, the relationship of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to sports and NLU (Natural Language
Understanding) is explored towards improvisation of player’s performance in the game. The cognizance of NLPNLU
helps the sportsperson in executing strategic commands from the coach. The intricacies of the webcast and
information retrieval using the NLU can reduce the stress of not understanding the jargon and enhance the thrust
to involve in the gaming strategies.

Author Biographies

Durgansh Sharma

Associate Professor, School of Business Management, Christ University

Vaibhava Sharma

Consultant, FP&A, Ernst & Young India