Integrating Music Therapy Services and Speech-Language Therapy Services for Children with SevereCommunication Impairments: A Co-Treatment Model


  • S.Siva Krishna Naik
  • Geist, Kamile
  • Mc Carthy, John
  • Rodgers-Smith, Amy
  • Porter, Jessica
  • Jared De Forest
  • Neil Bernstein



Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Music & Literature, Music Psychology, Speech Education, Communication Education, Speech Disorders Communicative Disorders


Documenting how music therapy can be integrated with speech-language therapy services for children with communication delay is not evident in the literature. In this article, a collaborative model with procedures, experiences, and communication outcomes of integrating music therapy with the existing speech-language services is given. Using established principles of team planning, the co-treatment model is described in a case study, a 4-year-old child diagnosed with global developmental delay. Results indicated increased engagement in the classroom after integrating music therapy and speech-language therapy treatment strategies.

Author Biographies

S.Siva Krishna Naik

MD Consultant at Nizamabad, Telangana, India

Geist, Kamile

Director of Music Therapy, Ohio University, Athens Usa

Mc Carthy, John

Associate Dean of the College of Health Sciences and Prodessions Professor of Communication Disorders, Ohio University

Rodgers-Smith, Amy

Assistant Professor, Columbus, Ohio University

Porter, Jessica

Assistant Professor,Ohio University

Jared De Forest

Associate Professor and Graduate Chair, Ohio University, USA,

Neil Bernstein

Professor, Ohio University